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A Day in Our Homeschooling Life

A Day in Our Homeschooling Life

I recently found this never-published post of mine from four years ago. In the Covid blur of early 2020, it got lost in the shuffle. But, better late than never, right? 

My three homeschooled kids are currently in 9th, 6th, and 2nd grade. It’s been fun to look back at this glimpse into our lives four years ago when Oldest was in 5th grade, Middle was in 2nd grade, and Youngest was still a preschooler! 

I’ve always loved “Day in the Life” posts – especially when I was a new homeschooler trying to figure out what those crazy homeschool people do all day. 

There are so many ways to educate your kids – what you see here is just one example. I hope this peek into an average school day in our home is helpful (or at least entertaining) for you! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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My alarm tries its best to wake me. It eventually succeeds. 


Youngest is so excited about her playdate today! She’s already managed to get herself dressed in her favorite outfit without any help from me! A small miracle! 

homeschool preschool girl in Minnie Mouse t-shirt

I found Middle finishing up his Bible reading. He got up before me and already finished his cursive work and even remembered to feed Fish! I guess I should sleep in later than him more often!

homeschool elementary boy reading Bible on sofa
fish tank on counter with fish food nearby


Middle, Youngest, and I make and eat breakfast together and share our crazy dream stories. 


Eventually, Oldest wanders downstairs for breakfast, happy not to have been woken any earlier. We read our devotional, The Biggest Story, and pray together. 

The Biggest Story devotional book cover

The boys, Oldest and Middle, each do some quick math flashcard review before heading their separate ways.


Middle continues reading his current book, Runaway Ralph, while Oldest practices percussion for band. 

Student reading Runaway Ralph
Homeschool student practicing xylophone percussion

Youngest and I work on her Hidden Pictures book together.

preschool homeschooled student doing Hidden Pictures workbook


I spend more quality time with Youngest playing “House Box” with her. Then we work on some phonics and numbers together while Middle serenades us with his piano practice.

Cardboard Box play house
papers with phonics words and numbers
Boy playing Baldwin piano for homeschool music lesson

Note: I’m sorry… it looks like I didn’t keep track of what Oldest was doing during this time. I must have been so involved in our rousing game of House Box, it slipped my mind. 


Everyone gathered around to watch our Drive Thru History lesson.

Drive Thru History video with cannon on screen

Youngest paid attention for a while and then decided to work on her “school papers” (by which she meant some sticker sheets and homemade shape-practice worksheets). 

preschooler putting stickers on paper


After history, Oldest did some geometry review and took his math quiz. 

homeschool student doing math on computer

Middle used Snap Circuits to make a doorbell for his closet. After all, what’s a closet without a proper doorbell. Once he got the doorbell working, he worked on art projects with Youngest.

Snap Circuits doorbell on wooden door
homeschool boy cutting paper
homeschool girl cutting paper

Youngest also worked on her “Grandma Homework” (letters and activity pages my mom made for her). Thanks, mom!

Preschooler reading  letter from grandma


While the younger two continued with their art projects, Oldest took a break to build things with MagnaTiles.

elementary boy building with magna-tiles

After that, he did some of his own piano practice.

homeschooler playing piano


Somewhere around this time is when Youngest began watching intently at the window for her friend to come for the playdate. 

preschool girl looking out window at snow


The friend arrived! The girls played in the snow, played with dolls, and of course didn’t forget about House Box. They also expanded Oldest’s MagnaTiles creation (much to his chagrin). 

While they played, we moms chatted and my two boys took a break to play Minecraft. And, after a nice lunch together, the friends headed home.

two homeschool boys playing minecraft


Youngest was wiped out from all the playdate excitement, so she rested in her room while I caught up on emails and cleaning, and the boys played and read Garfield books. 


With Youngest still resting quietly, the boys and I made some popcorn and literally stopped to smell the roses.

homeschoolers making popcorn
orange, yellow, and pink roses

Then we started our Quiet Time. They read books while I worked on writing this article for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Important Note to Moms with Young Kids: Don’t give up on a mid-day break once your kids no longer nap! Call it “Quiet Time” and transition right into it!  This daily, mandatory, separate, quiet break has been one of the keys to me maintaining my sanity over the years!

boy reading and eating popcorn


I heard scuffling in Youngest’s room. It turns out she’d found a rainbow, so I brought out the prisms and we had a little teachable moment. 

Rainbow reflection on wall

Naturally, once the boys saw what she was doing, they wanted to try catching a rainbow, too.

rainbow reflection in boy's hand


Oldest realized he still had some work on his to do list. He finished up his AWANA and IEW writing assignment. 

Student working on AWANA workbook
student working on IEW writing assignment

While I worked with him on his writing edits, Youngest watched Tom & Jerry (best cartoon ever) and Middle went back to the Art Projects book (again). 

Art Projects I book cover


While I tried to re-assemble the house before my husband came home and found out just how messy it really gets while he’s gone, my kids listened to some Geography Songs and studied the map that comes with it. 

Geography Songs curriculum USA map

After that, Oldest took a shower while Youngest and Middle invented what I think is my new favorite game…. “The Napping Game”. I kid you not, they took turns timing each other taking minute-long naps. That was the whole game! 

Best. Game. Ever.


The kids did their laundry in our retro, mustard-colored washer, and then enjoyed a little more free time before dad came home. 

kids doing laundry
boy practicing on an electronic keyboard


Dad came home and announced dinner out tonight! Yay! 


After a delicious dinner (and a much-needed break from cooking), we read a few more stories and began the bedtime routines. Once the kids went to bed, I cleaned up (again). 

preschooler reading picture books

And I got our school table & to-do lists ready so we can do it all again tomorrow! 

school table with to-do lists

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It can be hard breaking free of the “education-must-look-like-public-school” mindset. Over time, I’ve been able to see how learning can and does happen in all kinds of ways!

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A Day in Our Homeschooling Life