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Another Day in the Life of a Homeschool Family

Another day in the life of a homeschool family

(Last Updated on October 25, 2023)

I love seeing how homeschool families do life! It’s been over a year since I’ve done a “Day in the Life” post of our own – it’s definitely time to give you another glimpse! 

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My kids are another year older (so am I, of course, but we don’t need to dwell on that). And each school year brings new changes and challenges. So here’s a peek into our world these days.

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A Day in our Homeschooling Life

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Note: I’ve put in bold the actual academic goals I had on my kids’ lists for today so you can see how “school” is woven in throughout the day.


My husband and I wake up. He’s been working from home for most of 2020, so we’ve been getting lazier with no train schedule to keep us on track (train pun not intended). 

We eat our Multigrain Cheerios together. He goes to take a shower. I listen to part of my daily Bible reading on the Dwell app, get the table set for the kids, and straighten up the kitchen that’s still a mess from last night. 

iPhone showing Dwell Bible app 365 day reading plan


“Oldest” (6th grade son) comes downstairs and makes a beeline for the couch to continue reading Book 3 of the Wingfeather Saga. (We love this book series!!)

Homeschool boy reading book hiding under stuffed animal


“Middle” (3rd grade son) wakes up, gets his cereal and plops down at the kitchen table with Book 2 of the Wingfeather Saga. (Did I mention we love this book series?)

Homeschooler reading while eating breakfast


I decide to push my luck and try and get an uninterrupted shower since everyone is occupied and my daughter is still asleep. 


As I walk up the steps to the bathroom, I hear a tiny, Cindy Lou Who voice call “mama” from the bedroom.

I stop in to say good morning and open the curtains for “Youngest” (our 4 year old daughter). Sensing I was about to take a shower, she implores, “Stay here! Don’t take a shower! Don’t worry, you won’t be stinky! Scratch my back.”


I scratch her back for a few minutes and then tell her I must take a shower or I will be stinky. As I leave the room, she replies, “Well…don’t lock the door!”

Bronze bathroom doorknob


I actually get a shower! No interruptions! I can tell it’s going to be a good day.

Sometime between 8:30am and 8:43am

My husband does morning Bible reading with the boys while Oldest eats breakfast. Husband didn’t know he was supposed to take a picture of it for the blog post…


Youngest is still in bed, reading books and humming to herself. 

Preschooler reading When Dog Was Little in bed

The boys are still reading, too, so I start a load of laundry in our retro washer and straighten up the house for a couple minutes. 

Yellow colored old washing machine


Everyone is still reading! It’s so quiet! I soak in the rare moment of silence for about twelve seconds. 

Then I check emails, call about a doctor’s bill, and clean up the kitchen (again). I go to feed Fish (our betta fish) and see that there’s already a checkmark by this morning’s feeding on our chart! Middle remembered to feed her without me reminding him! 

This IS going to be a good day!

Blue beta fish in tank with barrel decoration


Youngest finally comes downstairs in her new rainbow unicorn robe to eat breakfast. I give the boys a “get-to-a-good-stopping-point” warning (I find it causes less push-back than a “two-minutes-left” warning).

Preschooler in rainbow robe eating cereal


The boys check their school lists (you can find more about their To-Do lists here).

Student crossing off homeschool to-do list

Middle starts his piano practicing. Youngest watches his “concert.” Oldest begs to have more reading time since he’s so close to finishing his book.

3rd grade student practicing piano


I encourage Youngest to get dressed for the day. She convinces me that putting on PJ shorts under her robe will suffice since we’re not going anywhere today. 


Oldest finishes the last chapter of his book and goes to practice his vocabulary words on Quizlet.

Youngest wants to do her “candy math” so she counts chocolate chips by two and we practice adding them together. Then she happily eats her work. 

Preschooler counting chocolate chips by twos


I work with Oldest and Middle on their creative writing unit. We didn’t get to it yesterday so we do two day’s worth to catch up.

Two homeschool boys with writing notebooks

Meanwhile, Youngest finds her keepsake box and plays with the notes and trinkets (like her flattened souvenir penny collection).

Preschooler holding collection of flattened keepsake pennies


Snack time!

toast, peaches snack on kid's USA map placemat

We eat together while I continue our read aloud, On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Yes, this means I sometimes talk with my mouth full. 

On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder


Oldest does his math. It’s time for some multiplication review – his favorite! (not) 

6th grade homeschooler doing CTC Math on computer

Middle practices his French horn for band.

3rd grade homeschooler practicing French horn for band

I help Youngest pickup the mess she made earlier. 

cards and papers scattered on the floor

After that, we work on her AWANA Cubbies book and practice her Bible verse.

Preschooler reading her AWANA Cubbies book

With her previous mess cleaned up, she starts making a new mess playing with the papers in the piano bench. I do a little more kitchen cleanup and get my steps in when the boys – one upstairs and one downstairs – alternate calling me for help.


I give the kids a little free time while I get lunch ready and switch the laundry to the dryer. I lost track of what they were all doing but haven’t found signs of any shenanigans… yet.


Lunch time! 

wrap, chips, fruit lunch plate


Despite their grumblings, I make them go outside in the snow to play. For the first five minutes, they glare at me from outside the sliding door. But then someone asks for a plastic cup so I give them one. The others want cups, too. Pretty soon everyone is inventing “snow sprayers” (punch a disposable cup and watch it spray snow…) and building snow towers and loving it. 

Plastic cup snow sprayer kid invention
Boy using cup to make towers out of snow

It kind of reminds me of our experiences with strewing. Just a little spark leads to all kinds of creative ideas.

While they play, I catch up on emails and texts. I also remember to login to BookIt and award them their reading incentive program coupons. Pizza Hut for lunch tomorrow! 


Despite their grumblings, I make them come inside. They shed their wet boots and snowsuits and we have a quick lesson on proper care of our wet outerwear (i.e. don’t leave them in a heap on the floor).

Messy wet snow boots


They all have hot cocoa to warm up.

mug of hot cocoa with large marshmallow

Youngest starts her weekly FaceTime call with her five-year-old cousin.  

Preschool FaceTime call


With Youngest occupied, the boys and I buckle down to work on history together. 

homeschool student listening to story of the world history audiobook and reading history book
Elementary student placing timeline figure on history timeline


Middle starts his math while Oldest goes to practice his drums and bells for band

3rd grader working at computer on CTC math
Homeschool student practicing percussion for band

I bring up the laundry and do a quick cleanup of the living room. 


Youngest is off of her FaceTime call and I remind her to please finish her lunch and hot cocoa in time to eat her snack. How someone can eat all day long and still manage to hardly eat anything at all is beyond me.


Middle reads his Bible and works on AWANA.

student working on AWANA book

Oldest finishes practicing drums and moves on to piano and then his inventions.

Homeschool piano player practicing
6th grade student making paper conveyor belt invention machine

While the boys are busy, I have a chance to work with Youngest on some reading and writing. She works on a dot-to-dot and gets another scratch’n’sniff sticker for reading a page in her Word Mastery phonics book. 

Preschooler writing on a dot-to-dot puzzle page
preschooler reading from Word Mastery phonics reader

She becomes fascinated with the camera I’m using for the blog post pictures and wants to try it. She asks me to show you her photography work: “Pinecones” and “Peach.”

pinecones in tray
peach sitting on quartz countertop

After taking the peach picture, Youngest runs off to play. I take a moment to (you guessed it) straighten up the kitchen.


I realize Youngest has been awfully quiet for a while now. I begin to worry about the mess I’ll find. Thankfully, I find her looking at books in her room. 

Girl reading book in her rocking chair

The day has gotten away from us so we do a quick cleanup and the kids check their lists to see what they have left to do.


We all need a break so they watch their TV show of the day. Youngest picks Wild Kratts (as usual) while the boys watch Dragons: Race to the Edge (no surprise there either). 

4 year old watching Wild Kratts on a laptop with headphones

I use the break time to workout downstairs. It’s leg day. Ugh.

Basement workout room with lifting bar and bench plus weights on foam mat

After that, I stumble up the steps with my tired, post-workout, jelly legs and make the snack.


Time for a very late snack (usually we have our afternoon snack closer to 2:30pm).

Small white bowl of yogurt with pecans on checked placemat


Quiet time! 

I work on this blog post, check my emails, and do some paperwork.

Oldest does his AWANA, Bible, and grammar. Then he plays beanbags, makes some inventions, and makes a pop-up card for a friend.

Middle starts out laying on the floor, bored. After he gets bored of being bored, he finishes up his AWANA. Then he goes back to being bored.

Youngest dumps out a puzzle. She leaves it there and then plays with blocks, books, and a few other toys.


Quiet time is over and Youngest wants to show everyone the “obstacle course” she made in the living room.

living room with mess of toys, puzzle and preschooler stepping up a stool

This inspires the others to show off things they’ve made over the past few days, so they run around the house doing that for a few minutes.

Middle also adds a few finishing touches to his DIY skeeball. 

Boy working on making DIY skee-ball game


My husband is done with work and comes down from his make-shift office (our bedroom). We watch an announcement from the President on YouTube while I get dinner ready. It’s leftover night.


Dinner time! And we have cookies from our unbelievably, never-ending stash of Christmas treats for dessert. 


After dinner everyone scatters. Oldest takes a shower, Middle goes back to his skeeball, and Youngest s-l-o-w-l-y picks at her dinner. I cleanup the kitchen yet again.


We play a quick game of Eye Found It together.

3 kids playing Eye Found It board game


Oldest plays with Dad while Middle has his AWANA Zoom call. 

Student using laptop for AWANA Zoom call meeting

I start Youngest’s bedtime routine with her. She picks a book to read together and then we play shadow puppets. 

Counting Crocodiles book in preschooler's hands
Shadow puppet game - large shadow hand on ceiling


Youngest is in bed for the night. 

I decide to make some progress on my drastic 2021 decluttering goals (inspired by The Minimal Mom). Tonight I tackle sweaters and I continue to fill up my “give away” and “recycle” clothing bags!

Bags of clothing for donation and recycling


Now the boys switch places. Middle plays with Dad while Oldest has his AWANA Zoom call. And I get back to work on this blog post! 


The boys watch Jeopardy with Dad and then get ready for bed.


Bedtime for Oldest and Middle.

Phew. I made it to the end of the day and you made it to the end of this post! Congratulations to us both!

Remember, this is just one day in the life of one homeschooling family. Your days will look different and even the rest of my own week won’t look like today.

Homeschooling gives you the freedom to learn in whatever ways work best for your family. Happy Homeschooling!

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