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Merry Christmas & Top Posts of 2020

Merry Christmas & Top Posts of 2020

I’ve been thinking about how to word my end-of-year greeting… 

I’d like to say “Let’s pretend this year never happened and try again in January.” But I won’t.

I’d like to shout “Good Riddance, 2020!” But I won’t. 

I’d like to grumble and whine about the stresses and inconveniences and Zoom fatigue that 2020 brought us. But I won’t (at least not in writing). 

What I will say is this. When all else has seemed to be crumbling down around us, I’ve been repeatedly reminded that there is still one Constant. One Voice that still speaks Truth. One Foundation that still stands firm in the storm. 

And for that reminder, I will say “Thank you, 2020.”

I pray that we would all hold fast to the hand of our loving God this season (and always)! He is our Rock and our Sustainer. May He bless you and your loved ones as we remember the miracle of Jesus’ birth and look to the future with tender, hopeful hearts.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Top Posts of 2019

And in case you forgot the stocking stuffers…

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