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Our Curriculum Choices – Year 7

Our Curriculum Choices - Year 7 on chalkboard background

(Last Updated on October 27, 2023)


What. A. Year.

And we’re not even three-quarters of the way through it yet!

Even though I can’t seem to keep track of what day it is right now, I’m at least aware that it’s August. And August in our homeschool means it’s time to finalize and share our curriculum plans for the year ahead.

If you’re curious about what we’ve used in the past, check out this post which has links to all the previous years.

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Year 7 Snapshot

At this point in this exasperating year, we’ll be excited to get back to ANY semblance of a routine when our school year starts. I’m hoping that jumping back into some familiar curricula will bring my kids comfort.

My sons, entering 6th and 3rd grades, are able to do more independent work now. This (in theory) will leave me more time to work directly with my four year old. We’ll also be trying more subjects together which could be awesome… or disastrous. Time will tell. 

Thankfully, I was able to get about 85% of our curricula planned and ready over the summer. And the last of my curriculum orders arrived this week. So I can confidently say I’m almost, mostly, sorta, kinda ready.

Here’s what we’re using for our 7th year of homeschooling:

Sixth Grade Curricula for Year 7

Third Grade Curricula for Year 7

As usual we’ll be doing several subjects together including Bible, read-alouds, science, history/geography and health. This year I’m also having my boys do the same creative writing units, each at their own level. Besides the things we study together, my third grader will be working on:

PreK (age 4) Curricula for Year 7

My youngest is always excited to do whatever her brothers are doing. So I’m going to try and run with that this year and include her in as much as possible. She’ll be in on Bible and read-alouds plus as much science, history/geography and health as she overhears and wants to join in on. I also got her a writing journal so she can participate, in a four-year-old way, in our writing units. Besides that, she’ll be doing:

Other Fun Stuff

A lot of our “other fun stuff” will look different this year. 

Our local co-op disbanded due to COVID restrictions which was very sad news for us. We’ve been with the same group for six years and will miss them this year! My boys will be trying gym, art, choir, theater and Spanish classes at a new co-op this year. My youngest will attend a half-day preschool there once a week.

AWANA, another school-year tradition for us, was also cancelled at our church. We had trouble finding another option near us, so we’ll be using the AWANA Trek, T&T and Cubbies books as Bible studies at home this year. 

We’re still continuing, slowly but surely, through the Bastien Piano Basics series at home. I’m also hopeful that our homeschool band will continue this fall. My oldest wants to stick with percussion and my middle son is excited to join, likely on the French horn.

Park District classes are few and far between right now, but my 3rd grader will be trying soccer this fall. We’ll have to play the rest of our extracurricular activities by ear this school year (which is way too stressful for a planner like myself)!

To find out what we used the following year, check out Our Curriculum Choices – Year 8!

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Our Curriculum Choices - Year 7 on chalkboard background