Mini-Review: Our Experience So Far

Schoolhouse Teachers Mini Review title on watercolor background

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I’ve mentioned the website here and there on this blog in the past. Last year I won a year’s membership to the site and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it. In fact, I think it will be a staple in our homeschool from now on! 

Someday I plan on writing a full, detailed review but, until “someday” comes, I wanted to fill you in on our experience with it so far. 

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Our Curriculum Choices Year 6

Our Curriculum Choices Year 6 title on chalkboard background

I can’t believe it’s August again!

That means it’s time to share our homeschool plans for the year ahead. (If you’re curious about what we’ve used in the past, check out this post which has links to all the previous years.)

Year 6 Snapshot

We’re really in the thick of it now. I’ll be homeschooling my fifth and second grade boys and their three year old sister (whose unreliable, dwindling naps should make for a crazy-making an interesting year). 

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Year 5 Homeschool Progress Report: The Good, The Bad & The Unexpected – Part Three

Year 5 Homeschool Progress Report The Good, The Bad & The Unexpected Part 3 on colored background

So far we’ve seen what’s worked and not worked of my original plan for this year. But there have also been some unexpected resources that have ended up being some of our new favorites! 

As hard as it is for a planner like me to admit, sometimes embracing spontaneity is the best plan of all!

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