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Our Curriculum Choices Year 6

Our Curriculum Choices Year 6 title on chalkboard background

(Last Updated on November 18, 2023)

I can’t believe it’s August again!

That means it’s time to share our homeschool plans for the year ahead. (If you’re curious about what we’ve used in the past, check out this post which has links to all the previous years.)

Year 6 Snapshot

We’re really in the thick of it now. I’ll be homeschooling my fifth and second grade boys and their three year old sister (whose unreliable, dwindling naps should make for a crazy-making an interesting year). 

After a summer of installing windows and new siding on our home (more about homeschooling during home renovation projects here), it’s a small miracle that any school planning has happened at all! Thankfully, I’ve managed to get most of it pre-planned, so I won’t be scrambling during the school year. I’ve learned if I don’t plan it ahead, it probably won’t happen.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Here are the resources we’re using this year.

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Fifth Grade Curricula for Year 6

Second Grade Curricula for Year 6

It works for us (and saves my sanity) to do Bible, read-alouds, science, history/geography and health/safety as a family. In addition to the “together subjects”, our second grader will be working on:

PreK (age 3) Curricula for Year 6

I’m still not doing any formal work with our preschooler. I’ve found it’s just really not necessary – they learn so much through play! They just need our guidance, loving attention and encouragement as they try new things. 

I’ll probably use some educational DVD’s (check out a few of our favorite PreK videos in this post), Bob Books, and pre-writing tracing pages here and there. And we’ll read with her as much as possible and let her “do school” with her brothers when she’s interested. 

I was also recently blessed with the gift of a stack of miscellaneous PreK materials from my father-in-law. My late mother-in-law was an amazing preschool teacher and had all kinds of printables, teaching magazines (like The Mailbox), and lessons pre-prepared for her classes. It makes my heart glad to know her grandkids are still benefiting today from her hard work and dedication years ago!  

Other Fun Homeschool Stuff

We love our local once-a-week co-op so we’ll continue with enrichment classes there. It’s been so nice to find a group we can stick with and build long-term relationships with over the years! 

This year we’ve also joined another local homeschool support group which offers field trips and outings. The first event I’m attending with them is a mom’s night out — my kind of group!

We’ll be continuing with AWANA, the Bastien Piano Basics series at home, and park district classes (for the fall session my boys have picked swimming and an improv class). My oldest will also continue playing percussion in our amazing local homeschool band.

Check out what we used the following year in this post: Our Curriculum Choices – Year 7!

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