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Our Curriculum Choices Year By Year

sensible homeschool our curriculum choices year by year on chalkboard background

(Last Updated on December 3, 2020)

Homeschoolers are blessed with FREEDOM. But sometimes that much freedom can feel overwhelming. Even paralyzing. Especially when it comes to choosing curricula, how do you know where to start?

Think of it this way. Let’s say you recently moved to New York and need to find a dentist.  You could grab an old phone book, pick a name out of the 18,000+ licensed dentists in the state of New York, and take your chances. But yikes. ? It makes my teeth nervous just thinking about picking a dentist this way. 

Fortunately, we have ways to make the process less of a shot in the dark. We can check dentist ratings and reviews online or ask neighbors who they recommend. We can pray for discernment and visit prospective offices before scheduling an appointment. Although there’s no way to be 100% certain we’ll pick the “right” dentist, we can do our part to make an “educated selection” instead of a “random guess.”

It’s the same with homeschooling. If you feel overwhelmed at the zillions of curricula choices out there, know that you aren’t powerless in this process!

You can read reviews on sites like Cathy Duffy’s Reviews (her “102 Top Picks” are a great place to start). You can join forums and social media groups and read blogs and books where people share their experiences with homeschool curricula. And you can always ask your homeschooling friends and acquaintances for a guided tour of their bookshelves. 

I’ve found it immensely helpful to check out what other families have used for different grade levels and what their experiences were with those products. As you familiarize yourself with the different methods and curriculum choices out there you’ll start to get a feel for what type of resources might work for you and your kids and which ones you know would flop. 

Remember… Your homeschool is UNIQUE! No list can tell you exactly what the “right” curriculum choices are for your family, or whether you even need to use curricula at all. Everyone homeschools differently and that is OKAY! In fact, that’s the whole point!  

So, with that said, I’ll be sharing posts of our yearly curricula selections but NOT because they’re the one best right solution and you should go buy them today. My hope in sharing what we’ve used is that it would help you take another step closer to finding the right fit for your family.

Check back for updates to this list as more links are added in the future.

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Sensible Homeschool Our Curriculum Choices Year by Year on chalkboard background