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Our Curriculum Choices – Year 9

Our Curriculum Choices Year 9

(Last Updated on October 23, 2023)

This is the next post in a series where I’ve been sharing the curricula I’ve used to home educate my three kids. I can’t believe this will be our 9th year homeschooling!

*pause for nostalgic reminiscing*

OK… I think I’m ready to continue. 

If you’d like to see what we’ve used in previous years, you can go to this first post which has links to all the others in the series.

Year 9 Snapshot

In last summer’s curriculum post, I wrote that “we don’t know what this year will bring…” Well, my past self, you definitely hit that nail on the head! 

Just a few months ago, my family made an unexpected move to another state. We left the only area we’ve ever called our permanent home. As I write, I’m just starting to come out of shock and realize the magnitude of what’s occurred. 

As we’ve started the monumental task of re-establishing ourselves in this new place, I’ve never been more glad that we homeschool! The freedom and flexibility homeschooling offers has helped us in so many ways during this huge transition. 

But, with all the packing and unpacking, I’ve had to really hustle to pull together our plan for this coming school year. Thankfully, I have years of curricula choices and plans to look back on. It’s much easier to plan for my younger kids now that I have some experience to draw from (and a library of curricula already purchased for previous years)! 

Here’s what we’ll be using for our 9th year of homeschooling:

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Eighth Grade Curricula for Year 9

Fifth Grade Curricula for Year 9

As usual, we’ll be studying several subjects together as a family. My fifth grader will do the same family Bible study, science, and history/geography as his older brother. Besides those things, he’ll be working on:

First Grade Curricula for Year 9

My youngest will be joining with her brothers for family Bible study and history. In addition to the work we do together, she’ll also be doing:

Other Fun Stuff

Co-ops and other supplementary classes have always rounded out our at-home work. This year, we’ll be joining a new co-op where my kids will have the opportunity to take art, gym, debate and other electives. They’ll also be taking soccer in the fall and hopefully a YMCA gym-and-swim class during the week.

My youngest will begin working her way through the Bastien Piano Basics series at home. My fifth grader will have piano lessons at co-op. And my oldest will be taking percussion lessons at co-op and joining the Youth Worship Team at church. 

I’m also hoping for a lot more field trips this year to explore our new home state!

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Our Curriculum Choices Year 9