How to Homeschool Successfully During a Home Renovation

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Anyone who has homeschooled for more than one hour knows that interruptions are part of the job description.

On my good days, I try and embrace the interruptions – the many opportunities for real life training and modeling grace and patience. I totally agree with the writer of this post who said, “Interruptions are not obstacles to our plan; they are opportunities for us to embrace God’s plan.” So true.

But some seasons bring so many interruptions – so much chaos – it just seems impossible to maintain any semblance of order or sanity, much less get any meaningful homeschooling done. 

Over the past four years, we’ve renovated nearly our entire home, room by room. Home renovations are definitely one of those chaos-inflicting seasons – but there ARE things you can do to make it through.

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Essential Non-School Apps for Your Homeschool

Essential Non-School Apps for your Homeschool with iPhone home screen apps

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Homeschooling is more than a method of education – it’s a lifestyle. 

So it’s not surprising that there’s overlap with other areas of life when it comes to the best tools to use for the job. For example, when it comes to digital tools, I’ve found that all kinds of non-school-related apps have helped our homeschool.

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Top 5 Must-Have Homeschool Supplies

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Besides the basics (you know…. pencils, paper, chocolate, etc.), I’ve found there are a handful of relatively inexpensive items that have made our school days go much more smoothly. 

No, these supplies aren’t going to teach for you or do your laundry. But I do sometimes feel a little like super mom when my Meltdown Radar* goes off and I swoop down with a sheet of Hole Reinforcement Labels and save the day. 

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