The Secret to Creative & Resourceful Kids

The Secret to Creative & Resourceful Kids title on yellow toys background

I’ve tried – oh, have I tried – to get the kids to clean up one thing before pulling something else out. “One toy out at a time” I’d call in a sing-songy voice…

Yeah, right. 

After years of trying, I’ve finally accepted that it’s just not going to happen. There just will be lots of things out at one time and you know what…

…the world isn’t going to end!

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Essential Non-School Apps for Your Homeschool

Essential Non-School Apps for your Homeschool with iPhone home screen apps

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Homeschooling is more than a method of education – it’s a lifestyle. 

So it’s not surprising that there’s overlap with other areas of life when it comes to the best tools to use for the job. For example, when it comes to digital tools, I’ve found that all kinds of non-school-related apps have helped our homeschool.

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What’s in a Name? A Super-Easy Way to Get Your Kids to Cooperate!

What do Panera Bread and my homeschool have in common? 

(I mean besides hungry people who are constantly demanding food, tables that need to be cleaned dozens of times a day and occupants who splash water on the bathroom mirrors.)

We both have used names to define things or activities to improve our establishments and our productivity. 

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