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Our Curriculum Choices – Year 2

sensible homeschool our curriculum choices year two on chalkboard background

(Last Updated on March 9, 2024)

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Year 2 Snapshot

Well, we made it through the first year and came back for more. Just when I was starting to figure a few things out, Year 2 brought new challenges. 

My oldest was now in first grade and our three year old wasn’t content to sit on the sidelines. Finding ways to engage them both was a trick. It’s not easy to find a balance where everyone is met at their own level and not frustrated (with work that’s too hard) or bored (by work that’s too easy).  

This is the year I learned the most about what doesn’t work for us. Important but painful lessons to learn! I also started to understand more tangibly how important community (both local and online) was to our success in this homeschooling endeavor. 

Here are the resources we used for our second year of homeschooling.

Year 2 Curriculum Choices – First Grade

Year 2 Curriculum Choices – PreK (age 3/4)

Our preschooler listened in on our Bible, Science, Health and History/Geography lessons when he wanted to (which was often). He also worked through Lollipop Logic Vol. 1 and practiced reading with Bob Books and library books. For math we mostly played games I found online or I’d find printables when he wanted a worksheet like his brother. was always a favorite for him, too, which covered language arts, math and other preschool basics like weather and calendars.

Other Fun Stuff

We continued with our weekly co-op and this was the first year my oldest joined the ranks of “kids-who-get-to-switch-classes-every-hour” instead of staying in the same room all morning. He loved this big-kid privilege and took four enrichment classes there: LEGO WeDo, Beginning Spanish, Gym and World Explorers.

Our preschooler started attending co-op, too, and enjoyed the crafts, music, group games and introduction to Spanish. 

Both boys took a Homeschool Gym & Swim class plus we continued with Homeschool Open Gym at our local park district. And, of course, we went on field trips whenever we had the chance!

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Sensible Homeschool Our Curriculum Choices Year 2 on chalkboard background