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An Interview With 3 Homeschool Kids

An Interview with 3 Homeschool Kids

I’ve interviewed my kids in the past (you can find those posts here and here) to get their perspective on their home education. 

But, given the unbelievable craziness we’ve all just experienced in 2020, I decided to check in with them again.

Here’s an interview with all three of my home educated kids: two elementary-aged boys and their preschool-aged sister.

An Interview With 3 Homeschool Kids

MOM: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.

MIDDLE: You’re welcome.


YOUNGEST: (looking at me with a questioning stare) Um…I love you?

MOM (to Youngest): Do you know what an interview is?

YOUNGEST: No. (sees me typing) Did you write “no” on there?

MOM: Yes. An interview is where I ask you questions and you answer them, okay?

YOUNGEST: (nods her approval)

MOM: Okay, then. Can you let the readers know how old you are and what grade you’re in?

YOUNGEST: Four-and-a-half! Preschool!

OLDEST: Absolutely not! (sly grin) We’re not supposed to give out our personal information. 

MIDDLE: I agree.

MOM: (sigh) I guess we’ve trained you well. Can you at least say what grade you’re in this year, since I’m giving you special permission?

OLDEST: 6th grade

MIDDLE: 3rd grade

YOUNGEST: I’m in fourth grade. (breaks into her silliest forced laughing)

MOM: No, you’re not.

MIDDLE: You’re in preschool.

MOM: Let’s just move along. So, how do you feel about the events of 2020?

OLDEST: What events? 

MOM: Haha, very funny.

OLDEST: Fine. It’s ok-ish. 

MOM: Can you elaborate a little bit?

OLDEST: Well, we didn’t get to go to the pool or see as many friends in the summer. And basically everything was cancelled all year. 

MOM (to Middle): What about you?

MIDDLE: Terrible.

MOM: Why terrible?

MIDDLE: Everything isn’t going right.

MOM: Can you think of any positive things that have come out of this year?

YOUNGEST: We can still go to parks… and eat desserts and drinks…. except spicy drinks… I don’t like those. {{Mom here: she calls any carbonated drink “spicy”}} And that’s it.

MIDDLE (to Youngest): You’re silly.

MOM (to Oldest and Middle): What about you boys? Any good things you can say about 2020?

MIDDLE: At least we still have toilet paper. 

MOM: Oh dear, this isn’t exactly how I was hoping this would go. Let’s try a different question. Do you think the fact that we homeschool has helped us this year? Why or why not?  

OLDEST: Yes, definitely because we don’t have to do e-learning all day. And we can still go outside more often ‘cause we don’t have to be in class at a certain time. 

MIDDLE: Homeschooling helped because we don’t have to do school only on iPads or computers the whole time.

MOM: Do you think things will mostly go back to normal at some point?

MIDDLE: Of course! Or else the entire world is gonna have a revolt!

OLDEST: No, it won’t go back to normal. I mean, maybe in like 100 years or something. 

MIDDLE (to Oldest): Uh… you won’t live 100 more years. Well, you could… but then you’d be very old.

MOM: Good grief.

(A brief moment of chaos ensues as Youngest tries to steal Middle’s seat. Eventually everyone calms down and Youngest climbs onto my lap, excited to answer questions again.)

MOM: Okay, just a couple more questions. What are your favorite subjects and activities that we’re doing this year?

YOUNGEST: Um… Treat Math!!  {{Mom here: “Treat Math” means she gets to count or add M&Ms and then we eat them… it’s my favorite subject, too.}}

OLDEST: History and reading. And co-op, band and AWANA (even though it’s on Zoom).

MIDDLE: Piano, writing, Spanish and art class. And I like soccer. 

MOM: If you could change anything about our homeschool (besides making all the problems of 2020 disappear), what would you change?

OLDEST: Just less school overall, but not no school… ‘cause then we’d be bored. 

MIDDLE: Nothing really. It’s perfect how I like it right now. It’s just the right amount of school and just the right amount of breaks. Everything is just peachy. 

MOM: Peachy? Ha, okay, well that’s good. Last question. If there’s a mom or dad reading this who’s not sure if they should homeschool their kids, what would you tell them?

MIDDLE: You should homeschool. It’s great.

OLDEST: Do it.

YOUNGEST: You should! You get to do Starfall {{Mom here again: She means which I highly recommend}} and lots of fun things!

MOM: Anything else you want to say?



YOUNGEST: No… oh wait, yes, yes! I love you so much!

MOM: Aww, thanks! I love you so much, too! Thanks for your help with this blog post!

YOUNGEST: Bye! Did you put an exclamation mark? Put an exclamation mark!

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