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An Interview with a 5th Grade Homeschool Kid

An interview with a 5th Grade Homeschool Kid title with cartoon child speech bubble

(Last Updated on December 8, 2023)

I’m a homeschooling mom who was public schooled. From time to time I wonder what it’s like for my kids to be home educated. Do they like homeschooling? What are their favorite and not-so-favorite parts about their education? 

Well, the best way to find out is to ask – so I did. 

The following is an interview with my oldest son. I’ve tried to capture his exact responses and he’s read and approved of this post. 

Interview of a 5th Grade Homeschooler

MOM: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. How are you doing today?

SON: Good.

MOM: Can you tell our audience how old you are and what grade you’ll be going into in the fall?

SON: I’m almost ten – 5th grade.

MOM: What is your favorite part of our school days?

SON: I like that we get to go places during the day and I don’t have to just sit at a desk. And we get to do more than just a couple field trips. And we get to play more and have friends over and it’s awesome.

MOM: What’s your favorite school subject?

SON: History and reading. 

MOM: What’s your least favorite school subject?

SON: Science, I guess.

MOM: What do you want to be when you grow up?

SON: A chemist.

MOM: But you just told me your least favorite subject is science. Can you explain a little more?

SON: Well, this year I think science was just way too complicated – I just don’t like the kind of book we used. I like science but I don’t like just sitting there and reading about it. I want to be a chemist so I can mix chemicals. You know… where you put a drop of this into there and it goes through a siphon and then that makes an invisibility potion. Or maybe make medicine for people and stuff like that.

MOM: Do you have any frustrations with homeschooling – like things that wouldn’t be a problem if you went to public school?

SON: I don’t like seeing my brother and sister getting to do easier stuff all day (I mean it’s easy to me since I already was their age). And if they’re yelling, then I can’t concentrate.

MOM: What are your favorite things about homeschooling?

SON: Pretty much everything – except for the things I just said are bad in the last question.

MOM: Can you give me some examples?

SON: We get breaks and fun snacks whenever we want and I can make marble runs and contraptions all day – or at least for a long time.

MOM: Do you feel like you want to keep homeschooling for now?

SON: Yes! Forever!

MOM: If you could change any one thing about our homeschool, what would it be?

SON: I’d just want to read books all day.

MOM: If there is a person reading this who is considering homeschooling, what would you want to tell them?

SON: Basically, homeschooling is great. They should do it, although it will be a lot of work. 

MOM: A lot of work for whom – the parents or kids?

SON: The parents.

MOM: Are there any final comments you’d like to add?

SON: No.

MOM: Thanks for being part of this week’s blog post! 

SON: You’re welcome.

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An interview with a 5th Grade Homeschool Kid title with cartoon child speech bubble