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First Things First: PRAY!

First things First: Pray! on aqua fence background with yellow flowers in vase

(Last Updated on April 17, 2021)

If I could sum up this year so far with one image, it would be this:

Yes, those are my feet in mismatched shoes. Yes, I accidentally left the house like that and didn’t realize it until I got out of the car at our destination half an hour away from home. And, yes, I was about to meet up with other people in public with no escape possible and no shoe store in sight.

On the bright side, we were meeting up at a kids’ indoor play place where other overwhelmed parents were probably too exhausted and distracted to notice my odd choice of footwear (or, at least, that’s what I told myself to make myself feel better). 

It’s been less than two months since the New Year began but we’ve had enough drama, illness, and unexpected chaos that it’s seemed a LOT longer. There’ve been so many wrenches thrown into our homeschooling plans I could open a hardware store!

Have you ever had a season where you…

  • wonder if anyone is learning anything at all?
  • are so overwhelmed it’s paralyzing?
  • feel attacked on multiple fronts?
  • are stuck in a rut and unsure how to make any lasting change?
  • have to triple-check that you remembered to put on pants before leaving the house?

We’ve all been there. So before I continue, please know that you aren’t alone!

Unfortunately, sometimes our first instinct isn’t always the right one when it comes to handling these tough seasons. I know I usually try fixing things by changing schedules, routines, or curricula. Or I download new apps, buy new stuff, or make a new to-do list to get control of the situation. And, of course, I look to bubble baths and chocolate to provide calm amidst the chaos. 

Sometimes these things can help, but time and time again I’ve been reminded that my FIRST instinct should be to PRAY!

I’m not saying that God is a magical genie who instantly takes away our troubles. And I’m not saying we should brush aside real issues with a clichéd, half-hearted, “just pray about it” response.

What I am saying is that Matthew 6:33 is right. If you’re putting God first, everything else will flow from that

” But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. ”

– Matthew 6:33 (NIV)

He’ll help guide you as you parent and homeschool your kids. He’ll help you prioritize and discern as you plan your calendar and choose resources. He’ll help you stand under the weight of your biggest trials and put small burdens in their place. 

Maybe weekly bubble baths are part of a self-care solution for you (woohoo!). Or maybe a new curriculum will help you push past some homeschooling roadblocks. And maybe a new housekeeping app is the best way for you to get yourself on track. 

But the point is – remember to ask God about it FIRST! Let HIM guide your decisions and all aspects of your life. There’s no problem too great or too small for God’s capable hands! So bring it all to Him and find clarity, direction, and peace!

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First things First: Pray! on aqua fence background with yellow flowers in vase