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The 3 Worst Things About Homeschooling

The 3 Worst Things About Homeschooling

I’ve never met anyone who loves every single part of their job. 

When I used to work in architectural engineering, the two things I dreaded most were boring business meetings and plumbing diagrams. And if I had to attend a boring business meeting ABOUT plumbing diagrams… well, let’s just say that wasn’t my favorite day. There’s only so long a girl (at least THIS girl) can listen to someone explain the intricacies of sanitary vent lines before she’s forced to mentally escape to Aruba to preserve her mental health.

It’s no different with home education. Not the part about the plumbing and meetings (unless you mean pulling LEGOs out of the toilet and calling a family meeting to determine the culprit).

No. What I mean is, just like every other job, the role of home educator has its downsides. 

Strategies for Buying Homeschool Curriculum: A Grocery Store Analogy

Strategies for Buying Homeschool Curriculum title on grocery aisle background

Is it just me or has our society overcomplicated things that should be fairly straightforward? 

Take food, for example. The overall process seems like it should be pretty simple. Grow or buy food. Cook food. Eat food. Done. 

But when you get to the grocery store and spend the first 15 minutes just trying to pick a breakfast cereal from the 129 choices available, you quickly realize this might be harder than you thought.

Homeschool Planning with a Master Course of Study

Homeschool Planning with a Master Course of Study title with partial spreadsheet

I’m a list person. I love lists. If there’s a problem for me to solve, the solution will probably involve a list. And, if it’s a list in the form of a spreadsheet, all the better!

Now, even if you’re not on the same page as me about lists being the answer to life’s most pressing problems, please hear me out. 

There’s one list – and, yes, it’s a spreadsheet *giddy squeals* – that has helped me plan out our homeschool years more than any other resource I’ve made or bought. The best part is, it’s *EASY* and *FREE* to make and highly customizable. 

Ways We Customize The Story of the World Curriculum in our Homeschool

Ways We Customize the Story of the World Curriculum in our Homeschool title with stacked books

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We love The Story of the World history curriculum.  

(And, given that I loathed history when I was a kid, it’s no small potatoes for me to say that I love a history curriculum!)

After using Tapestry of Grace Primer for my oldest son’s first and second grade years, we started Volume 1 of The Story of the World and haven’t looked back.

An Interview with a 5th Grade Homeschool Kid

An interview with a 5th Grade Homeschool Kid title with cartoon child speech bubble

I’m a homeschooling mom who was public schooled. From time to time I wonder what it’s like for my kids to be home educated. Do they like homeschooling? What are their favorite and not-so-favorite parts about their education? 

Well, the best way to find out is to ask – so I did. 

The following is an interview with my oldest son. I’ve tried to capture his exact responses and he’s read and approved of this post.