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Top 3 Types of Help for All Homeschoolers

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(Last Updated on April 16, 2021)

? “I get by with a little help from my friends” ?

– The Beatles

Sing it, Ringo! So true!

Homeschooling parents have a lot on our plates and, depending on the day or our stage of life, the help we need often takes different forms. 

But there are also kinds of support and encouragement that are universally helpful to all homeschoolers. The following three categories of help have been consistently valuable to me in all stages of our homeschooling so far.

So, whether you’re just starting out or rounding the final curve in the race, look for help in these three ways to support your family’s homeschooling journey. 

A Day in the Life Posts

When we were just starting out, I couldn’t get enough of “day in the life” blog posts and books. I desperately wanted to understand what it is homeschoolers actually do all day. 

Even now, years later, I’m still inspired by other homeschooler’s days! They help me break out of our own ruts and find new ways to change up our routines. And they remind me of the endless variety of ways to homeschool!

Find books (like this one) that share the stories of different homeschooling families. Or check out the archives of the Day in the Life series at Simple Homeschool. And don’t worry… since these awesome homeschooling families published their stories, I don’t think it’s considered snooping if we take a peek into their day-to-day. ? 

** 2021 Update: Since writing this post, I’ve finally been able to write a couple day in the life posts of my own. You can check them out here and here. **

Veteran Advice

Depending who you ask, you’ll find we’re in the 2nd or 3rd generation of the modern homeschooling movement in America. Wonderful, courageous homeschooling families in the 1970’s and 80’s have paved the way for us today. Back in those days, there may not have been many homeschool veterans to turn to for advice – but that is definitely not the case today! 

When you’re knee deep in diapers, sibling rivalry, and mac’n’cheese, you desperately need something that veteran homeschoolers have. The lifeline they have for you is PERSPECTIVE. They’ve seen more of the picture. They’ve seen it work.

Seek out wisdom and encouragement from veteran homeschool parents. If you can, try to meet some of these wisdom-givers in real life by jumping into your local homeschool circles.

Note: For the other introverts out there like me, this might take some extra intentionality and boldness but it is SO worth it. Without exception, every homeschooling parent I’ve ever asked for advice has been more than happy to share what they’ve learned. They don’t bite! 

In addition to your IRL mentors, homeschooling blogs and online groups offer a tremendous amount of wisdom and advice from experienced homeschoolers. Reading through veteran homeschool mom advice posts like this one or this one can quickly pull you out of a homeschooling funk and point you back in the direction of what really matters.

Practical & Specific Tips

General encouragement is a blessing but sometimes you also need specifics. 

As in, how, specifically, do I teach my 9 year old division when my 7 year old is trying to cut his own hair and my 2 year old is playing “Let it Snow!” with the baking powder? (You can’t make this stuff up)

As crazy-making and isolating as those situations may feel, remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There’s someone else out there who’s tackled a similar challenge to the one you’re facing right now. They’ve been there and done that so they can give awesome, specific tips and advice.  

Does homeschooling with littles underfoot seem impossible? Check out this post! Worried your hormones are ruining your kid’s education? There’s a post for that. Need practical ideas on how to approach your homeschooling day? Here are some great tips

Our homeschooling community is one of our greatest resources. Don’t let excuses (too busy, too embarassed, etc.) get in the way! There is so much good advice out there – all you need to do is ask (or click)! 

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